Working Remotely

If you have the opportunity to work remotely, DO IT!

In December 2016, I got the opportunity to do some remote work for a great company called Pure Charity. I had a full-time job and was doing contract work not just for some extra income, but more so because I love working with technology.

In March, my full-time job came to an unexpected end. Fortunately, I was able to contribute more time to the team at Pure Charity. Being part of a remote team is very rewarding, especially if you find a team that strongly supports one another, like mine does. My team is comprised of some really talented people and I am extremely thankful for the opportunity that I have been given to work along side them.

Working remotely allows me to spend everyday with my family. My kids are homeschooled, so we can travel if we choose and I can work no matter where we are. Although we don't travel much, due to our farm, it's nice to have that option. We have a small farm on 10 acres and I really enjoy spending time outside working with our animals and garden.

Josie our goat

Working remotely requires discipline. It is important to stay focused on what you are working on, without getting side tracked going down rabbit holes. It is important to keep in mind that your team is counting on you to complete your tasks and stay focused on what you are being paid to do. It is very rewarding to collaborate with a team in various locations and accomplish goals together. I usually listen to podcasts while I work, mostly Security, Linux and Ruby on Rails podcasts. Even if I can't focus on ever word of the podcast, I can at least pickup on terms and concepts that may increase my skill set. If you want some recommendations on podcasts, email me.

If you have an interest in working remotely and an opportunity comes up, I would say, go for it! Here are a few sites that list remote jobs. We Work Remotely and RemoteOK I hope that you have the opportunity to work with an amazing team like I have.

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