Uncomplicated Linux firewall

Fast and easy way to setup a firewall on Linux

UFW "Uncomplicated Firewall" is a fast and easy to use tool to setup some security on your Linux machine or VPS. There are quite a few settings that allow you to fine tune it any way you want, but here are just a few.

sudo ufw enable

sudo ufw status verbose

The output will give you some basic info about the default settings. Reminder: If you are setting up ufw on a VPS make sure that you enable "ssh" or you will lock yourself out.

sudo ufw allow ssh

Once you have made some changes to the settings, you can identify each rule number by using the following code.

sudo ufw status numbered

There are a ton of settings to allow you to customize things just the way you want them. You can find the official documentation here Ubuntu UFW

If you have any questions, feel free to email me [email protected]