A few of my favorite podcasts that you should subscribe to

I enjoy being able to learn new things while doing some other task.

These are a few of my favorite podcasts, some of which I have been listening to for over a decade.

Security Now!

This is my favorite and I have been listening for over a decade now. Steve Gibson cover the latest in security news and threats. You can always trust that Steve has done thorough research on all of the topics he covers. Over the last 10 years or so, I have learned a ton from both Steve Gibson and Leo LaPorte on Security Now. If you have never listened to this podcast, I highly recommend it. Security Now!

Linux Action Show

I started listening to this podcast many years ago, but then for some reason lost track of it. Around 2015, I started listening again and it has become my favorite daily commute podcast. Chris and Noah are two great guys who are passionate about Linux and really care about helping people learn about both Linux and technology in general. Linux Action Show

Risky Business

This podcast is hosted by Patrick Grey. He covers security related news and topics. I just recently began listening to his podcast and always enjoy the shows. Risky Business

Share your favorite podcasts in the comments, I would love to check them out!