Why you should buy from System76

System76 Rocks!

The team at System76 is amazing! They are super passionate about Linux and helping their customers. I have heard so many good things about System76 from Chris and Noah over at The Linux Action Show that I just had to get one of these machines. Here are a few reasons you should buy your next computer from them.

They are made in the USA!

Their headquarters is in Colorado, where they build and test their machines. That means a lot to me, I love American companies and to find a tech company in the US is very rare. I am more than happy to support them in any way I can.

They are passionate about Linux

They don't just slap Linux on their machines to make a quick buck and ship them out the door, they are truly passionate about Linux. They are Linux nerds like you and me and know what Linux users want and need.

They make a great product

Their machines are really sweet, they perform well and are built by a team who actually cares about the product they are shipping.

They have great customer service

The team at System76 won't turn their back on you once they close the sale, they are right there with you from the moment you purchase, until long after the sale. They offer great support and will do their best to help, no matter what.

I have just received my first rig, a Gazelle with an i7 processor and 16GB ram and I will continue to purchase from them from now on. I couldn't be more pleased with this company!