Download Youtube playlists solution

Downloading a complete Youtube playlist is easy if you are on a linux machine, by using youtube-dl. But, what if you are stuck on a Windows machine, like I am at work everyday? Searching for a good browser plugin or tool to download playlists is a hassle and they are usually not as good as they claim to be.
I am a big fan of DigitalOcean and thought of a quick little workaround, using youtube-dl, DigitalOcean and Filezilla to get complete playlists downloaded fast. If you are wondering why I am making such a big deal about downloading playlists, it's because I live in the woods, which is my favorite place to be. But, when it comes to my internet service, I suffer tremendously. I have Dish network and am only allowed 30GB bandwidth per month. Of that 30GB, 15GB must be used between the hours of 2am and 8am. Therefore, I download Youtube videos, such as Hak5 and Jupiter Broadcasting at work, so I can drop them on my Emby server when I get home.

First, locate the url for the playlist you want to download. I already have a few DigitalOcean droplets running, so I SSH into my server and run the following command:

youtube-dl -f 22 --yes-playlist "link to the youtube playlist"   

This will download the entire playlist using just one command. Next, I fire up Filezilla and log into that same server. I plug in my external drive to my Windows machine and using Filezilla, download all of the playlist files to my external drive. It may seem like a bit of trouble, but in only takes about 2 minutes to do it all. Give it a try, if you have any question, let me know.