Our Little Farm

Although I am a huge geek, I love living on our little farm in the woods. We have lots of animals!

  • 2 Donkeys
  • 1 Mini Horse
  • 4 Dogs
  • 3 Goats
  • 14 Chickens (and 10 baby chicks)
  • 13 Feeder pigs
  • 2 Pot Belly pigs
  • 7 Khaki Campbell ducks

Needless to say, we stay plenty busy on our little farm. Our kids learn how to care for the animals, rejoice in new births and cry when some pass. But, this is real life, we get dirty and work hard. If we need something, we try to build it from what we already have on our property. This is our newest Pot Belly pet pig, his name is Winston.