My first contact on 10 meters

On March 26, 2016 I setup my 10 Meter Radio Shack HTX that I purchased on ebay. This was the first time I had set it up and had a homemade 10 meter dipole strung up in the trees, only 10 foot off the ground.

It was raining out and I figured it would be a good day try and make my first overseas contact. There were some DX contests going on, so lots of fast paced traffic on some of the frequencies. I heard P49Y repeatedly and made several attempts to get my call sign in with no luck. I waited a bit and jumped in again, finally making contact. After the brief contact, I went to to look up the call sign and learned he was in Aruba!

I logged my contact on QRZ and attempted another. I made 3 more contacts that day, one in Barbados and 2 in Venezuela. I was pretty excited and quickly logged my first 3 countries in QRZ.

My setup was very bare bones, I had my portable radio wired to a battery jump start box and my homemade 10 meter dipole in the front yard, but it worked!