Programming Ham Radios

I have had my ham radio Technicians license for 3 years now. Unfortunately I have only had a few Baofeng UV5R portable radios to work with.

During the time I have been using them to chat on 2 Meters, I have been programming them manually. It is a bit difficult to do manually and not a lot of fun. I recently purchased the programming USB cable and decided to give that a try instead. I downloaded a program called Chirp which makes things so much easier!

Within the Chirp program, you can retrieve frequencies and settings for repeaters anywhere in the country, as well as marine VHS, FRS and GMRS frequencies. This is really cool because you can program your radio to include all of the above, making it more of an asset. I carry my UV5R when out on my property and my wife has an FRS radio in the house.

You can save your radio setup so that programming multiple radios only takes about 20 seconds each. You can build profiles for places you intend to visit and save them. I wish I had used this when I first got started.