3 Reasons you should try Linux

I have been interested in Linux for several years. There is something fascinating about downloading a a new distribution and firing it up on my machine. There are a ton of distributions to experiment with, one great resource is Distrowatch which has been around for over a decade.

Here are a few reasons to give Linux a try

  • It's FREE! You can try as many distributions as you like at no cost. Although I do recommend that when you do settle on a distro, you make a donation to help show your support. I use Linux Mint on my primary machine and drop a $10 donation every few months.

  • It's fun! I really enjoy learning and diving into Linux is a constant learning process. There is so much to learn and the Linux community is great! There are many forums available where you can find Linux enthusiasts willing to help you out.

  • It's powerful! Linux is an extremely powerful operating system. Most of the servers that you rely on ever day to access your favorite websites are powered by Linux. If you want to really learn how to dive into the command line and get down to the nuts and bolts of your system, you should try Linux.

You can try Linux without compromising your current operating system by using a "Live" disc either on CD or USB. Just download the ".iso" file and burn the image, I recommend Infrarecorder for CD and Unetbootin for USB.

If you need help getting things going, I would be glad to help. You can contact me at dennis@thecommongeek.com or on Twitter @thecommongeek