3 Sites you're probably not aware of, but should be

I am constantly on the lookout for great new sites and resources. I wanted to share a few of them, in hopes that you may find them useful. These are sites I use personally and feel are worth your time.


This site has been coined "The scariest search engine on the planet" and for good reason. This search engine reveals internet connected devices all over the world. It reveals webcams, routers, smart TV's, buildings, power plants, etc. All of these devices are connected to the internet and lot of them have default passwords. With the ever increasing amount of devices being connected to the web, this problem will only get worse. Check it out Shodan


This is an extremely valuable resource, full of great privacy tools. These tools and companies are based over seas and therefore are not required to conform to the prying eyes of the NSA and others. They provide a directory of vetted solutions for VPN's, encryption services, messenger services, private email services, etc. They also warn against using Windows 10 and explain why. PrivacyTools.io


Ting is a cell phone provider, but unlike any other you are familiar with. Ting allows you to pay for only what you use. They sell unlocked devices at great prices, wifi hotspots, both GSM and CDMA networks. I have been using them for just under a year with two lines and have paid less than $100 each month. Ting

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